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Month: December 2022

Benefits of purchasing multiple shelf companies

Benefits of purchasing multiple shelf companies

Companies that are placed on a shelf to age for a set amount of time are called shelf companies. People frequently favor shelf companies when beginning new businesses or firms. The rationale is that using off-the-shelf businesses can save a lot of time compared to developing a company from scratch. They give you instant time in business and consequently have an impact on many other things. What advantages do you get when you buy a shelf company? In addition to saving a lot of time, Shelf Companies have the following advantages to offer: Credit cards and bank loans are easier to obtain – Shelf businesses frequently discover that getting credit cards and bank loans is simpler. Older businesses offer the idea of being durable. It implies that consumers are more likely to trust your...

Benefits of transferring funds from the US to India with Money2India

  As an NRI, even when you are settled in the US, you have a strong relationship with your motherland because you are Indian at heart. You may have to fulfil significant personal and family commitments in India. Furthermore, you may also send money to India from the USA to support family maintenance, education, real estate, loan repayments or medical treatment in your family. All in all, most Indian expats have a need to send home money remittances regularly. One of the best options to send money to India from the USA is via Money2India from ICICI Bank. What is Money2India? Money2India is a service from ICICI Bank using which you can send money from any bank in USA to any bank account in India online. This is a secure and cost-effective money transfer service that is trust...