Friday, July 12

Salia – A Digital Friend of the Insurance Brokers!

The world has been changed its axis towards the marketing world, a long time ago. In such circumstances, it is not admiring to say how important it is for the insurance market and the people related to that field. In recent years, our call logs have been inundated with calls from various insurance policymakers and insurance brokers. However, if you consider the other side of this book, the insurance broker has been in the most taxing position of all time. It is hard to balance the work tension induced by the policymakers and to make the people buy the assekuranz. So, to mitigate those problems faced by the insurance broker Salia has found a solution.

Salia is software for the insurance brokers to make their process of making the people buy the assekuranz effective and efficient both in time as well as cost. There are possibilities for the insurance brokers to either lose some of the contracts or any support documents while running from one buyer’s residence to another. To avoid any such issues, the insurance brokers should alter their work environment to an online cloud-based system.

This is where Salia comes into act. Salia is a cloud-based system that would let the insurance brokers store and update their customer contracts, manage offers, store the supporting documents, managing the claims, also the software assists in analyzing numerous functions. So, what exactly is Salia? Let us dive deep into that software.

Salia – a lifesaver for insurance brokers:

Establishing itself as a database specialist, Salia has been in existence since 1992. Since then, it has been considered the most reputable and credible place to manage your assekuranz. Regardless of what is your location or what is the time, the contracts are viewed immediately and are in extreme security. Unlike, a traditional paper-based management system where there are many possibilities to get the contracts stolen or misused, the cloud-based technology has provided strong security to the data and documents stored inside the Salia. They are also proven to be effective CRM software, which helps to manage the company’s interactions and rapport with their target customers and possible customers. The data center of the Salia is impregnable. Even when the big companies have been attacked with the breaching problem and data losing issues, Salia remained unassailable.

Further functions in incorporating Salia software

Salia software is generally liked by many companies all around, because of its easy compatibility in any IT services and surrounding. The flexibility in portal usage has been extensively welcomed by many executives. The Salia effectively connects with the BiPRO interfaces such that the data can be easily saved and perused whenever needed. BiPRO connect is a common interface that is widely used by many insurance companies. Since Salia is good with the BiPRO interfaces, incorporating Salia in the insurance companies that use BiPRO connect would be much time consuming and less input needed. This is the primary reason, why many insurance companies are welcoming the assistance of the Salia.

These can also be used in omnifarious software present many computers in the modern world, especially Microsoft Office and other Windows applications. The insurance brokers can use MS Outlook to store and collect emails, appointments, and contact comparisons when the Salia software is blended with it. Alongside, MS Excel can be used to store and include customers’ addresses, and their bank details with their contact numbers. And finally, a computer with Salia and MS Word could help the insurance broker to fill the document with data that are collected through Salia software.

With the help of strong and rigid surfacing of an effective API (Application Programming Interface), the Salia software can easily incorporate and act as an intermediary to transfer the data it has collected from the insurance broker who in terms collected it from the customers to the MS Office. This way it has been made easy for the insurance brokers to make the management process less exhausting. It is needed not to be worried about the software’s reliability. Like much reputed online software, Salia too has gone through rigorous tests and regulations. Only after successfully meeting them, the software is brought up to the internet people. The software also got their hands on mobile applications, which would make the brokers’ job much more simplified with an easy download and upload process. This way, the insurance broker can exploit the maximum potential from the software, also for further mitigation SQL Projekt AG provides free courses in broker management.